127 Hours (plus some)

“[I have] travelled continents to get here
And crossed an ocean of time
And somehow landed in this box
Under a layer of grime.”

Fun Home, It All Comes Back (2015)

Every time someone has messaged me this past week, they always ask me, “How’s Singapore?” I’m pretty sure that every response I’ve given has said ‘warm.’ Screw culture shock, this is what I had the most difficulty with my first week.

Trust me, I’m not complaining. I no longer live where the air hurts my face, so I will never complain. I’m just saying that after carrying my luggage by myself up the Mount Everest of stairs, (up hill both ways), I was probably the grossest I have ever been in my entire life. I tried asking where the elevator was, but all I got was confused looks, until someone finally understood and said “No, there aren’t any lifts in this building.”

Regardless, I happily unpacked knowing that I would never have to bring my luggage up the hill again, only down, which is considerably easier. I wanted AC more than anything else, but little did I know that not only would I have to purchase an AC cash card in order to use the machine, I had to buy ANOTHER card in order to “top up” (their fancy British word for ‘put money on’) the AC card, because they only take Singapore bank accounts, and I was not about to open a bank account just to get some cold air in my room. However, trust me when I say that I was close.

For the next few days, I got lost. A lot. I was only trying to find trivial things, like the electronics shop so I could connect to the ethernet, or the North Spine Plaza so I could get to the study abroad check in.

Tidbit: During one of these, I was trying to find the 7/11, which is where I saw the cat featured at the top of this post. I saw him casually sitting, so I had to take my camera out to get a picture, which I did, but then I put my camera away and kept walking. The cat wanted none of that. He stood up and followed me down the walkway, meowing loudly. Finally I stopped and let him catch up to me, and he walked right in front of me and let me pet him. He then laid down right up against my stomach on the railing. This honestly made the entire trek worth it.

For 3-4 days, every time I left the house I went on a 3 hour adventure to find my destination, which wasn’t fun in the 90 degree heat. As a result, I would get back to the room and fall asleep before dinner and then wake up at 9pm, after the dining halls closed. I blamed it on jet-lag, but really it was my own stupidity at navigating the campus.

The campus. My god the campus. I don’t have very many pictures so I can’t truly do it justice, but just know that there is green everywhere, and every building is an architectural marvel.

I unfortunately don’t have a good picture of the Art Design and Media building. This is where all of my classes are and is honestly the best of them all. I’ll edit this post when I get a good one.

There is also the Chinese Heritage Center that is breathtakingly gorgeous, along with a beautiful public park across the way. I’m going to have a photo shoot there one of these days, and I’ll be sure to add a gallery.

I’m also (probably tomorrow morning) going to film my walk from my dorm to the canteen, which is down the Mount Everest but is really a gorgeous walk. WordPress doesn’t support videos (unless you give cash money) so I’m going to post it on Facebook and add the link here. EDIT: Done! Here’s the link!

I have also added a lot of pictures in the last week! These are of the two excursions that I went on in the past week, to the Night Safari and to China Town/ Little India on a guided tour. Both of these were absolutely beautiful. The Night Safari was so hard to photograph, thus I only posted a few because the rest were green blobs :/ I will most likely end up going again, and I’m going to do more research about the correct settings I need to have so I can better share with you the AMAZING animals I saw.

China Town/ Little India was arguably better because I got to take lots of pictures to share with you, but also because I made new friends! They are lots of exchange students from just about everywhere you can think of, and they are so friendly and so ready to travel! I also got a henna tattoo, which is still on my hands and will be for quite some time (2-3 weeks).


If you haven’t checked out my photo galleries for these two excursions, you can do so herehere, and here.

I have so much more to talk about, but I do need to save some stuff for later. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!


3 thoughts on “127 Hours (plus some)

  1. Really nice photos in all of the galleries! You have had a busy first week for sure. Little India and Chinatown are so wonderfully colorful (unlike the “shades of gray” that we are currently surrounded by here- lol). I can’t wait to see more of campus!

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