Exchange Student’s Guide to Tokyo, Days 4 & 5

Day 4, Monday, was my chill day. It was a nice day outside, and I didn’t have too much planned, so I went out and wandered around by myself. I went to the Imperial Palace and the Imperial East Gardens, making use of my SIM card and talking to Josh over Discord. The Palace itself was closed, so I unfortunately couldn’t go inside. Since it was getting a little colder, I went inside and had some brunch, then wandered around Ginza, the 5th avenue of Tokyo.

My wonderful crepe for breakfast

Not many pictures, and not much to see. Again, it was just a chill day. I talked to Josh and wandered the city, which, for me, was more than enough to make the day worth it. However, to add on to that, we hit up the Tokyo Sky Tree at night, which has the largest observation deck in Tokyo. I didn’t think I would be able to beat the view from the Rainbow Bridge, but it certainly did.

Wow. Like actually, wow.

I’m glad that Day 4 was a chill day, because day 5 certainly was not. On Tuesday, we hit up Tokyo Disney!

Tokyo Disney Resort is split into two parks: Tokyo Disneyland, which is very similar to the one in California (which I have already been to), and Tokyo DisneySea, which is completely unique from every other Disney park on earth. Thankfully, that was the one we chose to go to.


Tokyo DisneySea is structured in the form of wandering between different countries around a “sea,” a gigantic lagoon in the center of the park. There was Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Arabian Coast, and even a Mermaid Lagoon!

Instead of Cinderella castle, the center of the park hosts a gigantic volcano that erupts every once in awhile.

The day felt very familiar to me. It was Disney! It was almost like home. I didn’t go on very many rides, but I was happy to just wander around and enjoy the ambiance of the day. Which is good, since a few of my companions wanted to hit all of the rides and spent most of the day in the queue.

The end of the day, however, was the best part. For starters, we waited in line for an hour to get on the Toy Story Mania ride, which I personally think is always worth it.


The true end of the day came with fireworks, as it does at every Disney park. This was obviously the best part. During their version of Wishin’, the fireworks spectacular, I decided to surprise FaceTime my mom so that she could watch it with me (which is why I don’t have any pictures). She’s my Disney partner, and I really missed not having her around that day. Needless to say, she cried a lot. Being at Disney made me miss home a little bit more than I had before; it really is starting to feel like it’s been 2 months.


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